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Part of our mission is outreach and education. In September our Pastoral Director, Fr Dominic, was invited to address the Scottish Bishops’ Conference at their autumn plenary held at the Royal Scots College, in Salamanca. He gave a whole-day workshop detailing the psychological effects and chronic legacy of abuse; the spiritual impact of abuse; what Scripture and the Fathers of the Church have to say about it, and an explanation of the Grief to Grace programme as a paradigm for how to bring healing to survivors. Following this, there are plans being made to launch the Grief to Grace programme in Scotland. Please keep this intention in your prayers!

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We are happy to announce that after 2 years of waiting, we completed our first retreat at The Garden Enclosed. May it be the first of many retreats and a real sanctuary space for those seeking spiritual-psychological integration after the scourging effects from traumatic experiences of abuse. Please keep all, past, present and future retreatants; as well as the team, in your prayers.

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Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Dr. Theresa Burke and Fr. Dominic Allain

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